Message from the Spiritual Director

Rev. Fr. Biju paul.

With immense pleasure I welcome the Gods children to Bangalore for their higher studies, here you are welcomed with the blessings of Jesus Christ and the best education available in the country, the security, spiritual life in the good shepherd educational institutions helps you to become the angles of the profession, There are some needs as humans can satisfy and make use of its best. Human can feel safe with an enjoyable but humble shelter and he will have desired food for tomorrow. The more they get the more they give and need to give. The fact is that the more we get the more we want. Education is similar to those of basic needs of a human. Those who find pleasure in new innovation just keep discovering new ideas. . .

Developing character in harmony with the purpose of life is another great aim of education, and the path to happiness. We must understand the proper objective of education and approach learning with humility, sincerity, spirituality, and a keen desire for truth. By their motivated and self-effacing involvement in whatever sort of work entrusted to them that God is to be glorified through all their talents and skills, be it manual or intellectual. The effort of living out these values is put in the context of ecclesial service and the building up of God’s kingdom here on earth. T he quality education with efficient teachers helps you to be the king of wisdom and truth. Good shepherd educational institutions have been able to extend the traditional hospitality of teaching to many students and religious and the faithful as well as to the people of other religions in India.

May lord our savior bless all my children who come to Bangalore for higher education.

Message from the Principal

DR. K.R. Anil kumar

Swami Vivekananda Says “Education is the manifestation of knowledge already in you”. Education is the foundation on which we build our dreams and transform them into reality; hence nothing can influence our mind and sculpt our spirit the way education does.
Globalization & Global Village has brought tremendous changes in economic and social growth. The concept of “Global Village” has influenced our college to devise a new system of academics to utilize scholar’s potential for different competencies and structuring a bold and strong society.

The good shepherd institute of Management Studies has adopted the modern techniques in academic pursuits to contribute to the knowledge and to prepare for knowledge societies, from its inception. Higher Education in India is opening the doors of its academic disciplines to world experiences. Interactive learning, disciplines and facilitating students to gain different knowledge through sensible management of time to face today‘s challenges. Developed Nations are given prime importance to Quality in higher education and knowledge. Higher education in our nation is in the phase of transition, which has brought changes in education and focused on skill-based teaching. Adoption of Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) is the first phase of transition which has facilitated students learning and experiencing innovative ideas targeting research & innovation as priority. Courses offered by our institute are CBCS pattern, which elevates the confidence level of students by utilizing their innovative & academic skills.

I thank the Good Shepherd Trust for introducing various value-added courses including Logistics, Aviation Management, Fashion photography & Journalism, a harmonious combination with Commerce, Management & Fashion Designing, affiliated to Bangalore University. Quality in higher education adopted by our institute would step up and fulfill the human resources requirements of industry.

Message from the Principal (Department Of paramedical )

Mrs Helen Tom
Masters In Hospital Administration
PG In Diabetic Education,
Diploma in Community Mental Health

"We aim to create in our students a cutting edge which will bring success in the emerging competitive world. Integrated development of students will not only help them in generating knowledge, acquiring skills, developing attitude but also help them in becoming best of the human beings with meaningful living."

After completing higher secondary education, students are in the most crucial phase of their lives and find themselves at the crossroads. Here they are on the threshold of making the most important decision of their lives – selecting a course according to their aptitude and the best college with multifaceted approach towards higher education that is complete, whole and sound for their career.

In this highly competitive world, good shepherd educational institutions stand as a beacon providing unbounded access to information that can be transformed into comprehensive and indispensable knowledge.

At good shepherd educational institutions, we emphasize on instilling confidence and independence promoting critical thinking that will help the students to act and react in real life situations. Not only is knowledge imparted but opportunities are provided whereby the students learn and test the applicability of the knowledge acquired.

To keep pace with the dynamically changing world we prepare students to be Global Citizens. Our course is well designed to leverage the challenges posed by globalization, technology and changing values and attitudes. Our pedagogy is technology integrated to enhance the understanding of inter–linkage between theory and practice. The needs of the contemporary society have propelled us to impart education that is both qualitative and quantitative.

Throughout the year the college arranges guest talks, seminars and workshops to acquaint the students with the prevalent trends in labs and hospital. Internship and training programmes are arranged for the students to generate and address critical questions about the knowledge acquired in classrooms. The objective is to embark the students on a journey of discovery and an exploration of the unknown. This holistic approach has more to do with developing unique identity, confidence and humanity than merely imparting knowledge.

The college provides academic and personal counselling to each student on regular basis. The vital essence is to provide personal direction and developmental guidance. Counselling helps teachers to bond and develop better rapport with the students that helps them to cope with the problems of growing up, keep up with their studies and planning their careers.

Message from the Principal (Department Of nursing )

Dr. Hanoch Reuben
M.Sc. nursing

It is with great pride and excitement as the principal of good shepherd educational institutions. I am honoured to have the opportunity to lead a college with such a rich tradition both in and out of the classroom. It gives me immense pleasure in informing the public that good shepherd educational institutions for training for nursing course has been established in the year 2003. The college has unique feature in imparting the training of the nursing course.

Quality Education is the prime importance of the management of college. After the completion of the course the students have good opportunities for placement in India & Abroad; in countries like U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Germany etc. With good package of salary because this college train the students for first level position in Nursing practice as required in different hospitals & as required by the community. This college takes care of students for overall personality development by way of exposing them in cultural activities which will develop their proper skill in the students in practice of Nursing.

Good shepherd educational institutions have earned a reputation of academic excellence through the hard work of our students, teachers, parents, and staff. Good shepherd educational institutions are proud to support numerous challenging academic courses, an outstanding athletic program, second to none visual and performing arts programs and various school clubs for students. We encourage you to experience our college culture, one that is focused on providing students with the academic and social resources that will prepare them to achieve their post-secondary goals.

At good shepherd educational institutions, we believe that it is important for our students to be connected to college through positive relationships and a strong sense of community. I believe that every student can learn and be successful if provided the right supports and opportunities. Our teachers and staff are committed to providing all students with an appropriate and challenging educational experience in a respectful environment that fosters learning and growth. When we take the time to strategically plan, forge positive relationships, celebrate our achievements, and continue to build on our successful foundation, we can foster a learning environment where our entire good shepherd educational institutions community thrives

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